meet david romero

Hi, I’m David Romero and my goal is to inspire people to reach and achieve all of their goals in life and provide for my own family through helping others.

Hear me being interviewed on WCKG radio about B.E.S.T. and Tapping to learn more about it:

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Nowadays unfortunately, not many people have goals most people are kind of floating around wherever the wind takes them. This is important because the subconscious mind goes wherever we direct it. It’s goal driven. So if you don’t have a specific goal at this time that’s ok. I would recommend that you write down on a white piece of paper, using a blue ink pen your goals in 3 areas:  1) Health, 2) Financial, 3) Relationship (no one sees this paper but you) and I’ll tell you why. In the B.E.S.T technique we use what’s called muscle testing, and can tell if your goals are in alignment with your subconscious mind, which activates the Law of Attraction.

The first time I saw this with my own eyes I could hardly believe it, I was amazed. From that point on I was fascinated with B.E.S.T. I saw it help people in most cases instantly, it did me. Once I started studying B.E.S.T. I learned that once your body is balanced it can heal itself. Just like if you happen to accidently cut yourself shaving or cut yourself preparing food to cook the body begins to heal immediately. Any other aliment should be the same way if not, theirs interference of some kind period.

I am a B.E.S.T. practitioner, I’m not a doctor, I do NOT diagnose any sickness or claim to cure anything, or proscribe any medication whatsoever.  I simply perform the B.E.S.T. technique and also a tapping technique to balance the body and allow the body a chance to heal itself.  So all you have to do call up and make an appointment.